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atelier Maxime de Simone

round hammered bronze earrings decorated with welded wires

round hammered bronze earrings decorated with welded wires

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Hammered bronze earrings , diameter 40 mm, decoration of welded wires. The attachment is a silver wire which passes through the ear.

These very original earrings by their decoration can match with the jewels of all the collections created in my workshop, as well as other jewels in gold or silver.
Bronze, used for adornment since the highest antiquity, is the alloy of two metals, copper and tin. Simply polished, it keeps its shine when you wear it. Maintain it with an impregnated chamois.

This jewel bears the hallmark of the workshop , it guarantees its authenticity.

hallmark of the Maxime de Simone workshop

jewelry making - Maxime de Simone workshop

Maxime de Simone is self-taught , he has been working metal since 1976 in his workshop located in the magnificent natural environment of the foothills of the Larzac plateau.

His approach has always been focused on selling in short circuits and manufacturing that respects the environment.
He is one of the craftsmen of the Hérault Chamber of Trades.

craftsman - chamber of trades of Hérault

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