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Maxime de Simone Maxime de Simone is self-taught , he has been working with metal since 1976 in his workshop located in the south of France, in the middle of the magnificent natural environment of the foothills of the Larzac plateau. He learned the basics of his trade during a trip to the Orient and through contact with French and South American artisans. He refined it throughout his career with the open attitude of a researcher, an explorer of new and unconventional techniques.

Its collections are very original : we find the work of bronze sculpted into unique pieces at the melting temperature, the silver molten on the surface of the bronze which gives it its "reticulated" appearance, the marriage of these two metals by soldering delicate work of wires and silver plates on bronze and other more traditional techniques such as punch work and the setting of fine stones.

" When I create a piece of jewelry, two things are important to me : that it is beautiful, in its proportion, its line, its decoration and that it is pleasant to wear. The earrings are light, the bracelets rounded. No protruding roughness on the rings or on the pendants. Maxime at work Top of page My inspiration goes back to prehistory, a period in which bronze was widely worn as adornment. It passes through Africa, India and the Middle East. She is no stranger to the spirit of the times either, to what young people wear or to "fashion jewelry". May this jewel that you wear allow you to reveal or assert a subtle aspect of yourself, this is my dearest wish."
Maxime de Simone

Maxime de Simone workshop

View of the workshop located above the hamlet of Fontreboule

Maxime de Simone workshop