Balade du Mont St Baudile à Arboras

from Mont St Baudile to Arboras

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Autumn ride with panoramic view from the top of Mont St Baudile and descent by the magnificent road which leads to Arboras.

We begin with an overview sweeping a large part of the Hérault, from the Carroux massif to the Pic St Loup with a view of the Mediterranean in the distance. The sound of the wind was not added to the video… it was blowing quite a bit that day.

The two reliefs on the horizon are the Pic St Loup and the Montagne de l'Hortus. Contrary to what one might think, the plain between the two is not the result of a collapse but of the erosion of the vault of a folding which dates from the formation of the Pyrenees (around 40 millions of years...)

A quick glance at the orientation table allows us to better locate ourselves (do not hesitate to enlarge the photo).

To the north, the immensity of the Larzac plateau opens up, populated by courageous farmers and sheep, with the Cévennes in the background.

Wikipedia picture
A quick look at the machinery and the antennas that occupy the top of the Pic. It's impressive and you can see it from afar. Clad in barbed wire and electric fences, armored access gate with cameras, roaring air conditioning turbines, it must be a super secret thing, what's the point?

A short visit to  Wikipedia tells us >>>  : this impressive device is the transmitter that allows us to receive, in a large part of the department, television, radio and mobile telephony.

A Montpellier maple illuminates the garrigue with its ephemeral golden leaves.

We now take the scenic road down to the village of Arboras.


The winding road on the right of the photo leads to St Privat.

The leaves of the oaks have not yet taken on their winter colors.

One of the last foothills of the plateau before plunging into the plain stands: the rock of the Virgins. Its summit, now occupied by a chapel, was inhabited by two sisters of St Fulcran, bishop of Lodève in the 10th century. The faithful go there on pilgrimage in spring and walkers in all seasons to admire the landscape.

We discover the Hérault plain which extends to the sea.

The village of Arboras with its 17th century castle whose history we would like to know…

Walk from Mont St Baudile to Arboras

A short walk in the vineyards tempts you?

Walk from Mont St Baudile to Arboras

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