Balades en Languedoc

motorcycle as a means of transport

Why the motorcycle ?

It has many advantages compared to walking, cycling, car, train... You can go further without getting tired than on foot or by bike. You can stop, to take a picture or relax your buttocks, much more easily than by car or train. Without bodywork, you are more in contact with the nature you are going through, with the smells, the differences in temperature or humidity. We are in contact with the wind above all!

The bike I use is a Honda CB125R . I tried to pass the license to drive a larger engine, but I gave up because of the magnitude of the task. The 125 suits me very well, it is handy, economical and makes a rather soft harmonious engine noise. I have several driving modes:
* The contemplative mode which consists of driving slowly to fully enjoy the landscape, while still paying the necessary attention to other road users and to the road itself.
* Utility mode to get from one point to another as gently as possible. It can include trips on the motorway or national roads respecting the speed limits. Which is easier on the motorways than on the national ones given the power of the machine.
* The sports mode that I use very little where you push the gears up to 9,000 rpm to take advantage of the torque which is maximum at this speed. I donʼt like to stress the engine too much to its limits, I prefer it quiet and purring.
Photographic equipment includes a smartphone and a Panasonic compact camera. One fits in my jacket pocket, the other in the tank bag.

walks in Languedoc

So let's go ?

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